Urbanization in the Global South perspectives and challenges edited by Kala S. Sridhar and George Mavrotas. - First South Asia edition - xxix, 329 p. 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

"This book examines the challenges of urbanization in the global south and the linkages between urbanization, economic development and urban poverty from the perspectives of the cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It focuses on various aspects of urbanisation ranging from food security to public services like sanitation, water and electricity to finances of cities, and externalities associated with the urbanization process. The volume also highlights the importance of participatory urban governance for cities in India with comparative perspectives from other countries. It further focuses on the urbanization of poverty, livelihood in urban areas, overconsumption and nutrition, and ecology. Based on primary data, the chapters in the volume review trends, opportunities, challenges, governance, and strategies of several countries at different levels of urbanization, with several case studies from India. This multidisciplinary volume will be of great interest to researchers and students of development studies, sociology, economics, and urban planning and policy. It will also be useful for policy makers, think-tanks, and practitioners in the area of urbanization"--



Urbanization--Developing countries--Case studies.



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